Parent Testimonials

Here is a small sample taken from our 'Parent's Questionnaire 2015' of parents views on the school;


What do you like best about the school?   ·       ‘Friendly and safe environment, amzing staff, variety of activities for children. I feel The de Lacey Montessori School is providing the best start for my child in terms of academic and personality development.’   ·       ‘The confidence instilled in our son, the friendliness and warm atmosphere.’   ·       ‘My child’s teacher’.   ·       ‘An insight to the real school.’   ·       ‘The teachers and the level of interaction the parents and teachers have. All the teachers are caring, funny and ensure that [my daughter] is developing. I like the honesty and openness the school has. I loved the Sports Day! I love the social skills the children learn I like the way the children are taught to serve themselves and clear away after themselves.’   ·       ‘Teachers – they are not just doing their job, they try to build special relationships between children and themselves. Everyday there are new activities, teachers listen to my child’s needs!’   ·       ‘De Lacey is very good in every way, I like the new garden, my daughter really enjoys playing in it. In general the school is brilliant, the staff are very approachable and quick to put things into action.’   ·       ‘All teachers have a great smile and are ready to help. There is a varied curriculum with different equipment. I like the teaching style.’   ·       ‘All I can say is [my child] enjoys the time in school, there is not even a single day where she is not excited about going to school – thank you, really happy with her progress.’   ·       It is a friendly and open environment. The teachers are approachable and the children are learning through play.’   ·       ‘The staff are very friendly and I feel my child enjoys school. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my child’s knowledge – counting, speaking, singing etc.’

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