Sample Menu

We have taken part in Jamie Oliver's 'Try Something New' campaign in school, which has led to the introduction of some exciting new meals! We are also delighted to use this space to announce that we have embarked on the pathway towards achieving 'Healthy
















Pasta twists with pesto, swede and carrots



Hash browns with beans and broccoli


Mixed vegetable and noodle stir fry


Lentil and ocra curry, and rice





Mushroom and onion risotto


Chickpea and corgette curry, with rice.


Pasta shells with pesto and sweetcorn


Long grain rice with masala sauce, lentils and vegetables




Vegetarian hot-dogs with spaghetti and mixed vegetables



Jacket Potato with cheese, sweetcorn and beans


Chickpea curry, peas and rice



Vegetarian sausages with potato wedges, beans and vegetables




Mashed potatoes with beans and carrots



Basmati rice with lentil dahl


Pasta twists with tomato and herb sauce with peas and carrots



Spaghetti with tomato sauce, lentils and vegetables




Mushroom stir fry, noodles



aubergine and potato curry and rice

cauliflower cheese, boiled baby potato



mixed vegetable wrap, tzatziki




All meals are freshly cooked on the premisesevery day, using fresh ingredients.  A variety of vegetables will be served every day with each meal.


For dessert there will be fresh fruit (for example, oranges, pears, apple, grapes or bananas), yoghurts or fromage frais.


Crudités (cucumber, carrot, tomato), fresh fruit and raisins, or a combination, will be offered every day at snack time with fresh milk.


Water will be available all day every day.


v We will always endeavour to cater for any special dietary requirements, please just ask!