Teacher Information

Staff Profiles & Teacher Information

We have a highly skilled and dedicated teaching staff available to all of our children in school, who are very motivated to help your child succeed.

The team are all qualified to a very high standard, in fact we far exceed the legally required qualifiction level, and indeed meet (and exceed) those standards recommended by the Government for providing the highest possible standards for children.

Charlotte de Lacey - Manager/Owner

Charlotte has worked in the pre-school sector for nearly 10 years, during which she has gained a very wide understanding of child development and childcare.  She is a fully qualified Montessori Teacher, and in Spring 2011 gained her EARLY YEARS PROFESSIONAL STATUS, a post-graduate qualification which is the highest achievable in our profession at this time.  In Hounslow Borough there are currently only 20 Early Years Professionals, so we are very privileged to have her lead our staff team.  She is leader of 'The Bunny Group'.  Charlotte is also our fully qualified 'Foresct School Leader'

Sylvia de Lacey - Montessori Consultant

Sylvia founded the school in 1982, and is responsible for its excellent reputation to this day.  As a fully qualified Montessori Teacher, she takes the children's 'Learning & Development' to new heights every year and works tirelessly to ensure their continued success.  Sylvia is leader of 'The Teddy Bear Group'.

Renu Khanna - Manager

Renu is a highly valued member of the team, popular with the children, parents and staff alike.  She is CACHE Level 3 qualified.  Renu is key teacher for 'The Squirrels Group'.

Arjeta Ujkaj - Deputy

Arjeta started at school as a volunteer teaching assistant, but made herself so indispensable that she was hired on the spot!  She is also NVQ Level 3 qualified, and is bringing much new thinking and ideas to the table.  Arjeta is key teacher for 'The Puppies Group'. 

Siobhan Shah - Montessori Teacher

Siobhan has been with the school for over 20 years and remains extremely popular with children and families alike, bringing humour, fun and many new ideas to the school.  She is a fully qualified Primary level teacher, who is also very experienced in the Montessori Method that we use in our school.  She is also leader of 'The Piglet Group'.

Malini Feegrade - Montessori Teacher

Malini started with us as an Inclusion Support Teacher for children with additional needs, in 2012.  She went on to do her Montessori Diploma and is now a certified Level 4 senior Montessori Teacher and leader of The Cubs Group.  She 1st Aid trained and acts as assistant SENDCO for the school.

Mira Tuci - Montessori Teacher

Mira also started life with us in 2015 as an Inclusion Support Teacher but quickly showed her skills and talents and is now a CACHE Level 3 Practioner.  She is leader of the Kittens Group.  She is, of course, First Aid Qualified.

Hawa Abdulai - Montessori Teacher

Hawa started with us in 2017 and became an integral part of the team immediately.  She is CACHE Level 2 qualified and First Aid qualified.  She leads the Bunnies Group. 

Nawal Akachouche - Montessori Teacher

Nawal started with us in the summer of 2018 and has had a really big impact already on the team and our nursery.  She is CACHE Level 2 qualified and First Aid qualified. Nawal leads the Ducklings Group.

Marsela Bane - Montessori Teacher

Marsela started with us in September 2018 and bring huge energy with her.  She has a Higher Diploma in Education, so is very experianced.  Marsela is also First Aid qualified.  Marsela leads The Bunny Group.

Renu Singh - Montessori Teacher

Renu started with Marsela in September 2018, and has a calm and focused manner which the children love.  Renu leads the Pony Group.