Sharing information and keeping you up to date is very important to us, and one way to pass on information that has proved very popular is through our half-termly e-newsletters.  Please sign up on our 'subscribe' bar on this page.

In each newsletter, we try to give you news of what has been happening in the last half term, what we have planned for the coming term, and any staff news, such as new qualifications etc.  We also try to put a section into each newsletter letting you know about things like planning, our teaching methods, child development, andanything else that we think that you might find useful.

As with all things, we are always looking out for ways to improve what we do, and this is no exception.  If there is anything you would like us to include in our newsletters, such as topics of interest or even adifferent format, please let us know!

Our newsletters are now all electronic, so please feel free to request as many as you like! 

Online Learning Journals

We use EYLog online Learning Journals to keep you up to date with exactly what your child is doing at nursery.  We can let you know what they are doing on a day to day basis, we can track their progress through the National Cirriculum (EYFS) AND the Montessor cirriculum, and share lovely pictures of them learning and playing at nursery.

When you leave, we will give you a copy of your Learning Journal to keep as a lovely keepsake and memory of these precious early years.