Our Long Term Aims

'The Big Picture'

We have a very specific vision of what we want to achieve for every single child who is a part of our school, and this is reflected in our aims and objectives outlined below.  Our teaching team all believe very strongly in the importance of each of these aims and strive to accomplish them in everything we do.  The headings used reflect those found in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the cirriculum for the under 5's.  As always, you are very welcome to ask us, in person, by phone or email, if you would like any more information on this or any subject.



 A Unique Child

·        To give each child a feeling of confidence, value and worth.

·        To instil a lifelong ‘Love of Learning’ and prepare children to be thoughtful and productive ‘Citizens of The World’.

Positive Relationships

·        To encourage and develop strong bonds between children, their families and carers, and school, especially a key person.

·        To facilitate communication and connections between children within the setting and their carers.

Enabling Environments

·        To ensure that our environment is stimulating for all, reflective of our children’s backgrounds and interests, and always safe.

·        To ensure that staff are knowledgeable, up-to-date, available to children and families, positive and warm.

Learning and Development

·        To provide rich first hand experiences to individual children based on their unique learning needs and interests.

·        To observe children, assess and plan based on what we see, and record and celebrate individual achievements and successes.


'What We Learn With Pleasure, We Never Forget.' Alfred Mercier